BYGA - Ballarat Young Global Ambassadors

Krystal Byga

Something BYGA…


City of Ballarat Youth Services have partnered with The Global Poverty Project, Plan Australia, Deakin Worldly and the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth to developBYGA-Ballarat Young Global Ambassadorsproject.


Our aim is to engage 4 young people from each secondary school in the Ballarat region, and to work with them to become"activators" of change.  This pilot project spans across the next 10 months, and all school groups are eligible for $500 grants to deliver an event to raise awareness of their chosen campaign, within their school community.  Many elements of the project are in line with current VCAL course requirements.


Imagine… by the end of 2013, we could have 64 young people working within the Ballarat community for global change… while developing a sound knowledge of their community and the people living in it.  These young people will also have the tools and resources to look after their peers, while having the confidence and support to look after themselves.


We are working with from Years 9-11 who have a "fire in the belly"… a strong sense of social justiceand thedesire for global change.


For further information on BYGA please contact Kate Moran on 53205 167 or or Jodie Downey on 53205 593